3 Ways to Rock Your PÜR Cosmetics Gloss

Don’t get us wrong, all the products in the Summer Femailer are bomb...But, can we please talk about the Out of the Blue Lip Gloss from PÜR Cosmetics?! In the Summer Femailer, this gloss comes in the shade, “goals,” which is a very warm toned peachy-taupe color, with reflects of golden shimmer. This gloss definitely lives up to its name! According to PÜR Cosmetics, the Out of the Blue Gloss is not only lightweight, but it is also highly pigmented and possesses a gel formula that has blue light defense. We’re loving this gloss for all of our Natural glam beats, and even the fresh face days! Because you’re our girl, we decided to give you our three favorite ways to rock your Pur Cosmetics gloss! 

Brown Liner


If brown liner isn’t a staple in your makeup collection, you’re wrong! Brown liners are essential for nude lips on darker skin tones. When blended properly, a darker perimeter with a lighter center creates a contrast that is wearable, while looking seamless and natural. Ladies, the key word here is blend! A harsh transition from a darker lined lip to a lighter nude shade such as “Goals,” will result in a highlighting of the upper lip peach fuzz that may or may not be there; and best believe we are not trying to serve mustache vibes! 


Lipstick Topper

“Goals,” will definitely take your lipstick to the next level. Once applying your favorite lipstick, wait a moment to let it set. Whether the lipstick is liquid or in bullet form, waiting is necessary to minimize transfer between products. Pinks, nudes, and even your deep fall shades can all use a little pick-me-up from “Goals.”  Although highly pigmented, don’t underestimate this gloss’s ability to be flexible and get in right where it fits it. The gold shimmer is present, but never overpowering, allowing for “Goals,” to perfectly enhance all your favorite lipsticks. 

All Alone

Although “Goals,” works great in conjunction with other products, don’t get it twisted. Goals,” can do bad all by itself! This gloss works great over your natural lip color as well because like all the products from this season’s femailer, it is Brown Girl Friendly! Take your fresh face to new heights by applying “Goals.” And remember, a little goes a long way! 

The Out of the Blue Light Up, High Shine Lip Gloss from PÜR Cosmetics is definitely a highlight of this Summer’s Femailer. “Goals,” was a shade picked especially with you in mind! Its warm tone and golden shimmer makes it a must have for your post-quarantine glow up!  However you decide to rock this gloss, just know we see you, and we’re all the way here for it!