4 Ways Femailer Came Through for Back-To-School

Is it just me, or has every day since quarantine run together? Tuesday feels like Friday, Thursday feels like Monday, and don't even get me started on the weekend! With the new normal in place, back-to-school will definitely look different this year due to efforts to contain and stop the Coronavirus spread. Some of us are entirely remote, while others are either on-campus or participating in a hybrid of both. However your institution has decided to carry out this Fall 2020 semester, your Summer Femailer has some goodies to help your back-to-school transition be a little smoother...and cuter! 

Organization is key to a successful semester! Rolling over and opening the laptop 60 seconds before class starts isn't gonna cut it this year, beloved! When online class started, I found myself discombobulated and unable to locate any of the essentials that in-person classes usually required of me: simple things like a pen and paper were simply nowhere to be found when remote learning began, and it was a rocky start, to say the least. However, thanks to the bag that my summer Femailer came in, my pencils, pens, highlighters, and sticky notes will never be too far out of reach! I've always had an issue misplacing my pencil cases after a few months, but with the logo reading, 'Don't Touch My Bag,' I don't think I'll let this one out of my sight. This Bag is a perfect example of black beauty meets office supply, and for that alone, I'm ready to secure my 4.0!

Thanks to the PUR Cosmetics Light Up High Shine Gloss, You'll ever have to leave the room to reapply again! That's right sis, if you're attending in-person class and feel that dreaded dryness sneaking upon you (especially with these masks). You can pull out your PUR cosmetics gloss, use the built-in light, and mirror it to reapply without missing a word of the lecture or being distracted by using your phone for a mirror. It always starts out as just "using the camera" until you get a text message asking when you're done with class, and all of a sudden, it's been 10 minutes of texting, and the class is on a completely new slide of the PowerPoint. Thanks to PUR Cosmetics Gloss, our lips are staying moisturized, and we're not missing a beat of any syllabus, period!
3. Ladies, if you've ever woken up late for class and your hair was a mess, just know, we know the struggle. At my HBCU specifically, my professors tend to lack sensitivity to my bad hair days and even when they can see the poorly put together bun on the back of my neck, they STILL have the nerve to ask me to remove my hat! In my opinion, it's deliberately disrespectful cause they know exactly what's going on. Anywho, thanks to the Adama Beauty Headband, we now have a quick bad hair day fix that is professor proof! This silk-lined headband fixes rough hair days as well as protecting and maintaining the health of your hair while doing so! I've waited so many years for a protective hair accessory that didn't go against decorum or professionalism. Thanks to Adama Beauty, I can sleep as wild as I want, knowing that I'll be able to pull it together and push through in the morning! 

4. The Black Girls Matter sticker has proven to be useful in many ways! This laptop sticker has found its way onto our t-shirts, planners, and phone cases. It serves as the perfect daily affirmation that our lives matter, and we will be protected and valued by any means necessary! Though an accessory, the Black Girls Matter laptop sticker will function as the source of motivation and inspiration that will keep you focused and thriving the entire semester!

Is it just me, or has every day since quarantine run together? However, these 3 beauty hacks will help you get back into the routine of feeling and looking put together slowly, but surely! Whether you're remote or partaking in a modified classroom experience, I'm declaring that the #FemailerFam will secure these 4.0s, scholarships, and internships regardless! Never forget, pressure makes diamonds, sis!