A Moment With Ashlee: Meet The Mind Behind Femailer

This weekend, I had the pleasure of catching up with our beloved founder and CEO, Mrs. Ashlee Gomez. Ashlee Gomez, a FAMU graduate, began Impressions of Beauty in 2013. She wears many hats, and despite being a mamapreneur and balancing not one, but three businesses, Ashlee found the time to chat about the newest addition to her empire, Femailer. We discussed all things Femailer, from the how and why, to the desired demographic, and even her favorite product! If you're looking to put a face and soul with the brand, keep reading! 
Q: You have IOB, you have the Mama Chick, how did Femailer come to be? 
A: Impressions of beauty was actually originally created with the intention of being a subscription service and due to client needs quickly become an events based company, putting the subscription concept on the back burner. IOB blossomed into an intimate, in-person experience. With the Coronavirus, I felt inspired and pushed to revisit the concept and make the subscription service dream a reality...expeditiously. The need to still service our clients and touch our audience was very important, and this was the obvious solution!

Q: How do you pick the products? 
A: I try to select products that will be useful, but are also outside of regular, routine pickups. It is imperative that we touch on beauty, skincare, hair, and accessories in order to offer a little something for everyone. Also, it is a must that the products cater to Women of Color. I really try to put my personality in it, and I try to make it fun. The main goal here is inclusivity and selecting products that make you both look and feel great. 

Q: How did you feel seeing your vision come to life as the mailers were beginning to be received and reviewed by the #FemailerFam? 
A: Really rewarding. Feedback was remarkable. First, I was nervous, because Femailer was my baby, and there's always anxiety behind presenting your baby, something you worked so hard on, to the world. However, seeing reviews where women stated that they felt like Femailer was created just for them, let me know that we were on the right track. All the positivity has really pushed me to deliver an amazingly curated package, every time. 

Q: Who exactly is Femailer for? What girl comes to mind when you think of Femailer? 
A: Femailer was created for the African-American or multicultural girl who's between the ages of 18-30, but the demographic has extended to women up to age 50. She's a go-getter. She's driven. She likes nice things and dabbles in beauty, skincare and wants to find the perfect product for her hair. However, she is tired of receiving products that she can't use; shades that are too light, hair products not intended for Black hair, etc. Femailer puts all those issues to bed. With Femailer, Women of Color will no longer have to be anxious about the amount of products that will have to go unused; they can use them all. 

Q: What is your favorite product from the first mailer? 
A: Ugh, that's a tough one! Definitely the blessed necklace. It is a piece that I created and designed specifically for the mailer. One thing about me, I'm going to make sure there's some inspiration in every mailer. I think this necklace serves as a gentle reminder of positivity in such a dark age. I think it was important to send a message to hang in there and that we're still blessed despite the world's current state. I'm also just loving bar necklaces at the moment, and this is the perfect piece to compliment every look.
Ashlee Gomez is a very busy woman, so we're thankful for any time we can catch her to get some insight! As a woman who wears so many hats and looks beautiful while doing it, trust and believe that gems are being dropped anytime Ashlee talks. Thank you for the moment, Ashlee!