Are Perfect Edges A Perfecting Possibility?

No matter what style you're rocking, the edges are always the star of the show. As the summer season comes to a close, we must discuss the underdog of the mailer, the product we weren't introduced to, but rather reunited with: The Creme Of Nature Perfect Edges Extra Firm Hold Edge Control. Upon seeing this edge control when I received my mailer, I was conflicted. I'd had my bouts with this edge control, and instantly I was reminded of the days I was tirelessly fighting flyaways 10 minutes after application. However, like always, I'd done my research and learned of this product's reformulation, so my flashbacks were met with an optimistic curiosity. I believe in second chances, and thanks to Femailer, Creme of Nature's Perfect Edges Edge Control was finally getting a chance at redemption.
The new formula was immediately evident through the texture of this product. I remember the old formula being thick in appearance, but very wet and almost too movable to the extent that it wasn't effective. The new formula is not only thick in appearance, but inconsistency, and even sensation when trying to extract the product from the jar. I applied the edge control on moisturized hair for styling purposes, and I was pleasantly surprised at the instant hold and shine that now clothed my edges. And the 24-hour hold claim? Also, a fact. When my headscarf decides to behave and stay on throughout the night, Creme Of Nature Perfect Edges holds it down...literally.           

I know many of us were disappointed in the past by the Creme of Nature Perfect Edges Edge Control, but don't count her out just yet. She's had some work done, and she's a whole new product these days. Everybody and every product deserve a second chance. If you've been pondering the idea of revisiting this edge control, this is your sign. She's changed for the better, and perfect edges are definitely a possibility.