Cantu’s Cocoa Butter Raw Blends took our Body Care to the Next Level- Here’s Why

Am I the only person that changes almost every aspect of their daily routines when the seasons change? Fall calls for pumpkin-inspired coffee flavors. Winter calls for a minor Christmas song obsession and Gingerbread candles. Spring calls for the reintroduction of my allergy pills into my daily vitamins. Summer calls for a serious re-evaluation of my body-care routine. This can be reasoned with the fact that hotter temperatures mean fewer clothes and more skin; the 90 something degree days in Hampton spare no one. 

Due to the likelihood that I’ll decide to reveal my legs and arms to the world after a hiatus of six months and two seasons, I make it a point to revamp my hygiene routine so that my limbs look nothing short of smooth, nourished, and moisturized. Whereas in the wintertime, we can get away with leg hair stubble under our jeans, chipped pedicures, and a little ash here and there, the summertime simply doesn’t afford us the same luxuries. Like it or not, there’s nowhere to hide. 

Making a mental note mandating body hair removal as a first step in the shower was the easy part. The hard part was finding the perfect all-over moisturizer. The colder seasons usually call for richer formulas that will last throughout the day and protect the skin from the parched nature of the air. But, as you may know, you have to handle summer with care. Too heavy of a formula will result in the product only suffocating your skin and raising your body temperature. Or worse: the product melts right off, the residue tainting your skin and clothing with a milky white substance that you’d rather just go home and try again the next day rather than trying to explain. 

On the contrary, don’t let the product be too light either. A moisturizer with too runny of a formula will likely dry quickly and be inefficient in helping you achieve that soft, supple texture you’re aiming for. Finding that sweet spot of a formula was a frustrating task for me. I spent many days sweating off the failed heavy formulas, and embarrassingly covering my kneecaps to hide their ashy appearance on the days my trials and errors produced only yet another error (evident in ash). 

So you can imagine the joy I felt upon receiving the Cantu’s Cocoa Butter Raw Blends in the Golden Days Femailer. Formulated with only shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter, this blend was the answer to all of my summer body care prayers. As somebody with (highly) sensitive skin, I thoroughly enjoy a simple ingredient list with no added fragrance. I can go about my day calmly without the fear that whatever unknown, unpronounceable ingredients that typically litter product packaging will not be irritating or triggering an acne breakout. Aside from the simplicity of this blend, it indeed fulfilled my requirement of being the perfect medium between rich and runny: it applies generously, sets quickly, and the nourishing properties last all day long

I have to admit- I was apprehensive about using this product due to it being geared to both hair and skin. But in my despair, I took a deep breath and took a chance. After weeks of either overly or minimally moisturized skin, I had ashy legs, 20 minutes to get to work, and nothing to lose.   Upon applying Cantu’s Cocoa Butter Raw Blend to my (hairless) legs, I was pleasantly surprised. Although appearing to be thick and firm in the jar, the formula is easily worked into the skin and hydrates without being overly greasy.

When I returned home that day, I did a brief, but thorough once over my body- the goal being to  examine for any remnants of ash. To my surprise, there was no ashy skin on my body, but only soft, supple, and nourished sun-kissed, melanated skin. Upon realizing that Cantu’s Cocoa Butter Raw Blends was clearly the truth, I also realized that it now had me in a chokehold: this blend took my body-care to the next level by delivering a nourished, hydrated appearance and sensation to my skin with the longevity to endure the affairs of my summer days without the price of acne to pay. Who knows? It just may have to stick with me through every season.