Golden Days Are On the Horizon!

It’s the season of sun kissed skin and sand-filled shoes yet again. You know the drill by now; It’s never really a new season if you don’t have a new Femailer at your doorstep. The days are getting longer and hotter, and thanks to the Golden Days mailer, our #FemailerFam now has the essentials to shine through it all! Haven’t got yours yet? Keep reading for an inside scoop on the 7 products that we’ll be raving about all summer long.


Femailer Multi-Use Bikini Bag

This see-through Bikini Bag comes in a neon shade of lime green that practically screams summer. Despite the bold nature of the color, holographic-styled staggered lines decorate the  exterior, making this bag eligible to hang with the best of your wear-everywhere accessories. Aside from its appearance, the convenience of this bag keeps us coming back every time. Yes, it can be carried on its own in a clutch-like fashion- but there’s more. A keyring loop on the zipper allows this bag to be clipped into your larger carry-alls, which is perfect for keeping your belongings organized and easy to find. We’ve (finally) got places to go, and people to see; the last thing we want to do is spend time digging in our never-ending depth of a purse just to find a  pair of shades. The see-through nature of this bag makes it prime for travel as well. If you’re the girl who constantly defies TSA by trying to sneak your 3.6 ounce perfume in your carry-on, this bag is definitely for you; rather than unzipping your bag and rummaging through your stuff, security will be able to see it all through the visibility of this bag. The uses of this bikini bag may be up to your discovery, but the need is clearly in attendance and here to stay.


Femailer Sunglasses

What is summer without a good pair of shades? These neutral-toned shades go with vibes of all kinds. While the color allows it to blend seamlessly with all genres of fashion from business casual to beach day, the circular frames and gold accents make these glasses a statement piece that can be impactful when  necessary. The benefits of these glasses extend beyond their appearance; these retro-style shades serve as an imperative block between your eyes and the harmful rays of the Sun. Even on the occasion that the sun is behind the clouds, use these glasses as a head-band-like accessory to distract from unruly, humidity-induced hair days. 

Cantu Açai Berry Revitalizing Treatment Masque

Contrary to popular belief, summer vacation doesn’t apply to your hair care. Even the girls who gravitate toward a convenient life of low manipulation can and will benefit from the Cantu Açai Berry Revitalizing Treatment Masque.  This deep conditioner is free from silicones, paraffins, and parabens and is perfect for  dry or damaged hair. Ingredients such as safflower oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, carrot oil, and mango work to penetrate the hair shaft to nourish and restore each strand so that hair feels softer, stronger, and more hydrated. If you’re suffering from chemical, heat, or even tension damage, this treatment masque is a must-have. Everybody could use a little pick-me-up to promote hair integrity and this masque is a perfect powerhouse of a formula meant to promote the revival of all curly textures- and did we mention it smells amazing? 

Cantu Cocoa Butter Raw Blends

An organic and beautifully simple blend of shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter come together as your ideal summer hydrator for hair and skin in the Cantu Cocoa Butter Raw Blends moisturizer. True to title, this hair and body blend is free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, petrolatum, silicones, and gluten; that’s right, even the most sensitive of skin types can add this to their body care routine without the anxiety of awaiting an unwanted breakout. In addition to softening and smoothing hair strands, the vitamin c in cocoa butter works to treat hyperpigmentation for an even and glowing complexion. Minimal ingredients, dark mark correction, and a hair moisturizer all in one? With the Cantu Cocoa Butter Raw Blends your skin will glow, your hair will shine, and you’ll be saying “Bye, Ashy!” all summer long. 

Cantu Jamaican Black Castor Oil Detangling Primer

Summer is known traditionally as the time to neglect all your responsibilities. Hence, why protective styles such as braids, twists, and faux locs tend to increase in popularity around this time. Bottom line, we know you don’t want to comb your hair, and we’ve come with a saving grace to remove all dread that  usually accompanies the idea of wash day in the summer. The Cantu Jamaican Black Castor Oil Detangling Primer is the only pre-poo treatment you’ll need this summer. Prior to shampooing or styling previously washed hair, generally apply this product to wet or damp hair before combing and watch your detangling process be halved in time and struggle. While formulated for type 4 curls, this product will be effective for coils, spirals, and kinks of all textures. 

Smashbox Cosmetics The Original Photo Finish Smooth & Blur Oil Free Primer

If you don’t do anything else this summer, you need to apply a primer to your skin as a first step of your makeup routine. The Smashbox Original Photo Finish Smooth & Blur Oil-Free Primer is an infamous product in the beauty world. For years, makeup gurus have raved about the blurring abilities of this product. This primer is meant to even the texture of the skin prior to the application of foundation or concealer so that all imperfections can be concealed both effectively and endure the affairs of the day. Summer heat typically means moist air, which means an overproduction of oil, which is unacceptable in the world of daytime flawless beats. This primer has a cult following- and for good reason. Come see what the hype is about and enjoy a no-filter-necessary-face all season and beyond. 

GLAMGLOW Bubble Sheet Face Mask 

The best skin care products do the work so you don’t have to. The GLAMGLOW Bubble Face Sheet Face Mask removes makeup and works to deeply cleanse the skin, removing the usual pre-cleanse and cleanse steps from the typical makeup removal routine. Besides convenience, this mask gets brownie  points for its visual appeal. The oxygenating formula activates upon application and forms a 3D bubble experience that works to detoxify the skin from all impurities. Charcoal and bamboo work in this sheet mask to promote an intense and thorough cleanse, making sure no remnants of makeup remain. Golden days call for glowing skin, and GLAMGLOW’s got your back.

The 7 products in this season’s mailer cover all bases; your skin, hair, makeup, and accessory are covered. Apart from its contents, the Golden Day’s mailer is so special because it’s our anniversary mailer! Femailer is officially one year old, and we can’t thank you enough for being on this journey with us. We cherish the trust our #FemailerFam instills in us every season to deliver the lifestyle essentials that only we could curate. As always, if you have any questions about your Femailer subscription, don’t hesitate to contact us at