Hair Vitamins: Do They Really Work?

Do y’all remember that period on Instagram around the years 2014-2017 where hair growth vitamins were everywhere you looked on Instagram? I sure do. My pockets suffered- severely. Whether it was Hairfinity, Mane Choice, Curls, Sugarbear Hair, or even just regular biotin: the girls were supplementing, it was serious, and I had to try them. You’ve seen the 30-day challenges and the faceless photos of black flowing tresses meant to track progress, but you never really knew if the influencer was using their own pictures. The obscurity of it all ends now. Are you wasting your coins, or are Hair Vitamins worth the hype? 

Let’s all get on a common ground regarding exactly what hair supplements are and what they claim to do. Hair growth supplements are typically in capsule form and packed with a variety of nutrients that are meant to stimulate the hair follicles. Some of the vitamins and minerals that have been statistically proven to have a positive effect on hair growth include Vitamin A, biotin, and licorice root. The promises of hair growth supplements to consumers extend beyond longer locks: they claim to thicken hair, increase hair length retention, strengthen the shaft of the hair strand, brighten and clear skin, and even increase the length and strength of nails. 

I know, you’ve heard all the empty promises before. The question is, can they back them up? Well, I cannot speak for all hair growth supplements, but I can speak from my experiences with the Shedavi Hair +Skin +Nails Whole Food Vitamin. I received my Shedavi Hair Growth vitamins in my Summer Femailer about three weeks ago, and let me tell you; they have been working overtime to push my hair in a healthier direction! 
In my 1 week trial with Shedavi Hair Growth vitamins, I have noticed around a quarter-inch of hair growth, a visible increase in elasticity for my areas with a looser curl pattern, and my usual scrunchies have a new tighter hold than before. That’s right; we’re getting thick y’all! I have tried other brands in the past, but I couldn’t tell if they were working slowly, not working at all, or my hair was just in the mood to disappoint me. Of course, nobody is expecting to see results overnight. But, even a slight change after a week is enough to say, keep going, sis. My short-term acquaintance with Shedavi Hair Growth vitamins has made all the difference. Not to mention, it’s a vegan capsule! My hair is literally thanking me for giving it a little more love these days, and it's all thanks to the Shedavi brand! 

So, do hair vitamins really work? In my opinion, Shedavi does. But, don’t just let my good sis do all the work! The nutrients and vitamins in hair growth supplements are all capable of increasing hair growth and promoting healthier hair, but a consistent routine of moisture and low manipulation is a MUST! If you want to see results, you cannot clock this process with biweekly length checks, excessive use of heat, or any tension intensive styles. Less is best, and Shedavi Hair Growth Vitamins will do the rest. Believe the hype.