How Are You, Really?

September is World Suicide Prevention Month, and here at Femailer we felt like now was the perfect time to have a real conversation: How are you, really? Sometimes, life passes us by so quickly that we forget to really check in with ourselves. The truth of the matter is, 2020 has been beyond trying, and everyone has been hit differently. It's imperative to tend to your mental health, just as much as your outer appearance, and this week we will discuss how we nurture our minds to maintain peace. 

Whether you work or study remotely, you understand that sometimes the line between work and leisure gets blurred; when your couch becomes your classroom, and your kitchen table an office, its inevitable. Remember that you are only required to work, and even think about work during your employer's or university's designated hours of operation. Making time for the activities you actually enjoy will help you achieve and maintain a positive mental state. Whether it's watching a favorite show, spending time with family, or simply taking a moment alone to just reflect: make time for you.

Aside from the pandemic, this year has been utterly traumatic for Black people. The chilling details of unjust slayings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and many others are sent straight to our phones and on every news station. Tragedy seems inescapable. It is completely normal to grieve and feel sorrow because the pain is on a communal level. Whether your heartache stems from the state of the country or events of your personal life, it is vital that you confront and acknowledge every emotion that is felt. To progress, you must identify the emotions felt. 

Whether it's verbally or even in the form of writing in a journal, expressing your emotions is essential for your mental health. Once you identify your feelings, you give yourself permission to feel them. If emotion is suppressed, it will keep haunting you and eventually escape in the form of a violent outburst. Emotions must be confronted and released for your peace. 

Good or bad, all emotions need to be dealt with. Even in the case that somebody hurts your feelings, communication is key! Communication benefits not only the relationships you have with others but also your relationship with yourself. The most important relationship you'll ever have is the relationship you have with yourself. There's only one you, please treat her kindly.