Is Honey Worth the Hype?

It’s mid-August, and the sun is still putting in overtime. Although humidity does put your presses and leave outs on pause, the moisture in the air does wonders for natural hair in hydration retention. The keyword here is retention, meaning you have to first hydrate the hair with a moisturizing agent to reap the benefits of the sticky atmosphere. A long time hydration hero in the Natural Hair Community is none other than Honey herself! Some girls swear by Honey, while others simply haven’t given her a fair chance. This week, we’ll get into exactly what Honey does for natural hair, and why our Creme Of Nature Pure Honey Leave-In Conditioner has found its way into our starting lineup for wash day week after week. 

Honey is more than just our favorite natural sweetener, and the benefits extend far beyond taste. When consumed, Honey has numerous healing properties: it contains a very high number of antioxidants; it improves cholesterol and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Topically, Honey can aid in treating acne, hyperpigmentation, burn wounds, and psoriasis. If we’ve established anything, it’s that Honey delivers across the board, and please believe that our Honey keeps that same energy when it comes to hair care! When applied to natural hair, Honey is an excellent moisturizer due to its emollient and humectant properties. Emollients are calming and soothing to hair strands and add luster and shine, while humectants fuse with water molecules and replenish dry hair follicles. Because Honey contains so many proteins and vitamins, it can also strengthen hair stands and fight breakage and baldness. Mind you, Honey also has anti-microbial properties which allow it to cleanse and detox pores that may be hindering hair growth! If you couldn’t tell by now, Honey is really that girl when it comes to natural hair care. A conditioning, detoxing, moisturizing, hair growth-promoting restorative substance straight from mother nature herself? It gets no better than this! 

If you’re looking to test out Honey to see if the rumors are true -and that they are-, we at Femailer definitely recommend the Creme of Nature Pure Honey Leave-in Conditioner. This product was featured in our Summer Mailer and quickly became a washday staple for many! It’s a thicker product, but don’t let that scare you. It may be heavier inconsistency, but you can automatically feel the softening and replenishing effects just upon application. Creme of Nature’s Pure Honey Leave-in Conditioner coats and moisturizes hair strands, and you will find detangling and styling a lot more painless with minimal breakage. In addition, the scent of this product is delicate yet aromatic. The sweet scent of this product is just another plus that increases the incentive to keep on coming back. Another reason why we’ve been loving this product is that it’s not a product that throws in the towel after application; the moisturizing effects of this product are visible days after the initial use! We love a product that puts in the work, and the Creme of Nature Pure Honey Leave-in Conditioner has definitely proven itself to be an asset in our natural hair care routines.

The Summer Femailer came, saw, and conquered this season! The #FemailerFam received products centered around hair, makeup, skincare, and even a few accessories. Each of these products has quickly become essential in my daily life, but today we had to give one product its well-deserved credit! The Creme of Nature Pure Honey Leave-in Conditioner gives us the long-lasting moisture we signed up for, and it’s all thanks to the star of the show: Honey! The anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties make Honey beneficial in beauty and health both inside and out. Whether you leave it in, wash it off, or put it in your tea, Honey is worth all the hype, raves, research, and is fully Femailer approved!