Let’s Plan a COVID Safe Staycation

Spring is here, and we understand that many of us are desperate for a break from everything going on. Unfortunately, for the second year in a row, the COVID pandemic has kept many of us from being able to unwind in the ways we typically like to. For those who find that their annual trip may not be ideal this year, we've come up with five fantastic ways to spend your vacation in your own city and even the comfort of your own home! Keep reading to see how you can still have fun this spring despite having to follow the guidelines set for the pandemic. 


1. Projector Movie Night

If you're looking for a way to unwind at home, you can upgrade a regular movie night using a projector to stream your movie of choice. Grab pillows, blankets, and snacks for ultimate comfort and sit back and enjoy the film with your loved ones. You can even take it outside if you feel tired of being indoors. It's always great to get some fresh air, especially now that almost everything has gone remote. Setting up the projector outside along with string lights is the perfect way to enjoy the spring weather and get the perfect drive-in movie experience right from your backyard. 


2. Buy Some New Plants or Start a Garden

Breathe spring into your indoor or outdoor space with some new plants. Take a day or two to yourself to decorate your house. Include plants or even start a garden outside. New plants can fill your home with fresh air. This is a great way to bring some change and color to your space and eliminate lingering winter blues. But don't forget that your new plants are a commitment, and you must be ready to care for them as the seasons progress. The finished product might feel like a completely new space so you can enjoy the rest of your vacation in a refreshing and seemingly new setting.


3. Try a Foreign Cuisine 

If you were dying to visit a new city this spring break, you can try bringing the city to you. Hit the grocery store to stock up on new ingredients to make a meal from different world cuisines. Before you go, research your culture of interest and find out what a traditional meal looks like there. Once you have everything you need, gather your trusted friends and loved ones and try cooking it up. To get the full experience, don't forget to look up fun activities common to that area or put on a movie or show from that region. 


4. Go Stargazing 

Looking for an out-of-this-world adventure this spring break? Grab some friends and go stargazing late at night. All you need to do is find a secluded area with minimal light pollution, and you'll be able to see tons of stars in the night sky. It might require a long drive out of town, but this is a beautiful way to go on an adventure and remain socially-distanced. Many apps allow you to pinpoint different constellations and planets if you'd like to see them for yourself. Don't forget to pack some binoculars so you can get a better look! If you're looking for a reason to sleep in this break, taking a night trip to look at the stars might be an excellent idea for you.


5. Pick Fruit at a Local Farm

If you need a reason to get out of the house and get some sunshine, consider visiting a farm and picking fruit for yourself. Look online to see if there is a farm near you accepting visitors and plan a day trip to go to one. There are many fruits (and vegetables!) in season now, so it is the perfect opportunity to go and pick the perfect ones for yourself! You can even bring them home and cook or bake yourself a treat with what you have chosen.