Pretty Period!


In a world full of superficial notions, the saying "Pretty Period" may seem like yet, another shallow attempt at characterizing beauty. This season's Femailer has no intention of highlighting the superficial definition of beauty but challenges us to think more deeply about beauty and what it means to be "Pretty Period."

In actuality, "Pretty is as pretty does." Beauty goes far beyond the outer appearance. It encapsulates one's actions, their decisions, their character, and the essence of who they truly are. Here at Femailer, we pride ourselves on promoting the holistic view of beauty. This season's Femailer included the Pretty Period Enamel Trio as a reminder that our beauty is pretty despite what society or anyone else says. It's an affirmation and a whole mood!

When we say #BlackGirlMagic a lot of things come to mind. In this case, we express Black women's unique beauty, from our voluminous hair to our genuine smile to our witty sense of humor. We are more than deserving of celebrating our beauty! The beauty that shines without even saying a word, the beauty that has given so much to a society in which we are often imitated but never duplicated. The beauty that is strong but also soft and sweet; the beauty that is fitting for both you and me.

Here's an affirmation, sis: My beauty goes far beyond what the eye can see. I am worth everything good. I am not afraid to use my voice. My thoughts, opinions, and ideas matter. When I speak, I speak with boldness and purpose. I am courageous, confident, and always true to myself. I am NOT an angry black woman but a woman who has something important to say. I love myself because I am Pretty Period in every way!

As you wear your enamel pin trio, remember to keep your head high because you are THAT girl! #PrettyPeriod