The Foolproof 5 Minute Makeup Routine We’re Loving This Summer

Makeup trends are always on the rise, fall, and paths of evolution. Last year, we saw the beloved concealer-carved brow slowly phased out for a softer, brushed up look. It was then that the trends of this year began to reveal themselves. So far, we’ve seen heavy blush, bold liner, colored lashes, and a super natural, skin-like foundation increasingly throughout our IG feeds- and we’re loving it. This summer, we can’t get enough of the natural, no makeup-makeup look. It’s less nerve-wracking than the exquisite carve, contour, bake, and bronze routines, and it only adds an additional 5 minutes to our mornings- leaving just enough time for a Starbucks run before work. This week, we’ll be walking you through our go-to summer beauty routine for the summer; it’s perfect for any occasion, just under 5 minutes, and doable for beauty enthusiasts at all levels.

Step One: Prime 

The biggest takeaway from a no-makeup makeup look is a flawless yet next-to-nothing complexion finish. To achieve the infamous skin-like finish, you need a thorough pre-makeup routine to set the tone. Although this is a beauty routine, healthy skin makes for a flawless beat! Your skincare routine is more important than all the makeup hacks in the world. If strapped for time, don’t be afraid to save time with GLAMGLOW’s Bubble Sheet Face Mask. This mask not only cleanses the skin but also works to detoxify pores. We love this mask as both a first and last step in our daily routines because it removes impurities for a fresh foundation, or removes the day’s makeup for a good night’s sleep. In addition to a solid skincare routine, you’ll need to prep the skin for your complexion products. Meaning, you’ll need a primer to assure that your foundation or concealer application is as seamless and long-lasting as possible. Of course, we’re only using the Smashbox Cosmetics’ Original Photofinish Smooth & Blur Oil-Free Primer. This primer is a part of our latest Femailer, and is an imperative step in our summer makeup routines. With the sun beaming, Lord knows we’re producing oil naturally as it is. The forehead beams, the nose glistens, and the cupids bow practically looks spit shined. Bottom line, the last thing we need is additional oils, which is why this primer is on a fast track to holy grail status in the #FemailerFam. The oil-free formula of this Smashbox primer is optimal for the sunny days ahead this season because it won’t suffocate the pores or leave a greasy feeling on the face. Your texture will be evenly smoothed and your imperfections blurred, leaving a level and well prepped foundation  for your complexion products in the next step. 

Step Two: Complexion Product

Whether you apply foundation or concealer is up to you, but our decision is typically made on the basis of occasion. If it’s a night out, we’ll lean toward a foundation for full coverage and therefore a more flawless finish. If it’s a brunch or daytime outing, we’ll opt for a concealer for its light formula and brightening abilities. What keeps this makeup routine rooted in simplicity is that we’re only applying our  complexion products in a minimal fashion to our problem areas. Also, the choosing of either a concealer or foundation rather than the use of both in conjunction keeps this routine both time-efficient and natural in appearance. Think about it: do you naturally have a brighter complexion under the eyes, chin, Cupid’s bow, and forehead? Does anyone? No. Even the freshest of faces at most have a bright, even skin tone- with no presence of a natural highlight. Whether you choose concealer or foundation, be sure to go in with a light hand while applying. The more product applied, the more time it will take to blend. 

Step Three: Set 

For step three of this routine, you want to apply a skin-toned powder to the areas of your face that you applied the complexion product from step two. Powder will be imperative in assuring the longevity of this makeup routine. Is she quick? Yes. But quick and fleeting are not of the same essence; The best makeup routine will not look like a quick application, nor will it wear like one. The color choice of your powder is of the utmost importance. While some people choose a loose setting powder of a lighter complexion for a brightening effect, a powder closer to your natural skin tone is essential to align with the next-to-nothing effect we’re aiming for. When applying loose setting powder, try your best to press the product into the skin rather than letting it sit on top of the face; we are on a time constraint, after all.

Step Four: Brows and Bronzer 

Keep in mind, this is not your traditional full-glam routine. For step four of this look, grab a brow gel and shape your brows to your liking. The color of this brow gel should be tailored to your liking, but we opt for the tinted formulas more often than not because it creates the same boldness of a pomade without the work of replicating the strokes of brow hairs. Next, grab a bronzer and a fluffy crease brush. Lightly tap the brush in the bronzer and apply the powder to the crease of your eyelid. This simple step makes a world of difference, creating a depth of the eye that is wearable for day and nighttime alike. At first glance, it’s au naturale. But the bronzer in the crease adds an effortless allure that’ll keep the compliments coming all day long. 

Step Five: Lashes and Lips 

The fifth and final step of this makeup routine is the application of your favorite mascara and lip color of choice. Our mascaras of choice tend to lengthen and volumize at the same time; one recommendation being PUR Cosmetics Fully Charges Mascara. The beauty of mascara is that you can dictate its prominence. Each mascara is buildable so that your lashes can be geared toward your tastes at every turn.  As for the lips, the color is dependent upon both mood and occasion. Typically, we love a good neutral-toned lip whether it be matte or glossy. If aiming for a solely natural beat, a gloss with light shimmer is the most daring we’d consider; PUR Cosmetics’ Light Up High Shine Lip Gloss in the shade Goals is an OG Femailer product, and one we haven’t departed from since our launch last year. While Goals is a go-to, bold and bright reds, corals, and browns occasionally come out to play at night or formal outings. 

To some, the idea of no-makeup makeup may seem unnecessary. If it’s not dramatic, what’s the point? Natural makeup is ideal for the girl who wishes to only enhance what she already has naturally, the working girl who doesn’t deem a cut crease as office appropriate, the girl who’s a beginner in the world of beauty, or the girl who’s simply on a time crunch, but still wants to do a little something more. The best part of this five-minute beauty routine is its universality. The fact is, minimal makeup works for faces of all shapes, skin tones, and features because it simply enhances what’s already there. You can’t go wrong with a barely-there beauty routine, because your God-given bare face is as glam as it gets.