What's Inside Femailer's Holiday Mailer?


 It's that time of the year. We are all planning and browsing, looking for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Finding something that is valuable but also tailored just for them. This season alongside our winter Femailer you can now purchase your Limited Edition Holiday mailer. It is packed with 10 amazing beauty and lifestyle items every girl would want for Christmas! Check out what goodies are inside this Holiday mailer for only. 

Femailer Holiday Fur Stocking

'Tis the season to be jolly! To kick start your holiday season, we have included our Holiday Fur Stocking. A perfect place to insert your Christmas items!




Luster's Pink Moisturizing Hair Milk

Everyone remembers The Pink hair lotion from back in the day, right? Well, Luster's Pink is still bringing amazing products to the industry. We have included their Moisturing Hair Milk from their Shea Butter Coconut Oil line! This hair milk is like no other providing natural textured hair; it's proper daily serving of natural emollients and vitamins to look and feel its very best. Penetrates easily to deliver hydration, softness, and shine.



Luster's Pink Curl & Twist Pudding

Two is always better than one. Inside our holiday mailer, you will find Luster's Pink Curl & Twist Pudding! This product is designed to produce soft,curl-defining textured styles. Perfect for a wash n' go, twisting, braiding, and Bantu-knotting, as well as other styling techniques.


Glow Hydrating Mask

Designed just for our melanin. Bolden's Glow Hydrating Mask deeply hydrates, moisturizes, and refreshes skin. Gentle enough for daily use within 10-15 minutes, your glow is on the way!





SkinFlo Velour Beauty Oil

While temperatures drop, we want to ensure you have the—best products to maintain your skin's moisture. SkinFlo's NEW Velour Beauty Oil is a rich and lush beauty oil that heals, moisturizes, and protects hands, cuticles, face, and feet. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants.




Clean Skin Club Clean Towels XL

Clean Towels created by the Clean Skin Club is the first single-us,bio-degradable, and compostable facial towel. These extra-large Clean Towels have multiple uses but are primarily used to dry your face after cleansing for a bacteria-free towel each time.



Beau Tie Cosmetics Lipstick (Shade: Dorothy Diamond)

Beau Tie Cosmetics is not just your average cosmetics brand. Its purpose runs deeper. Beau Tie Cosmetics prides itself in providing quality lipsticks to women of all shades and specifically women of color. This shade Dorothy Diamond is a tribute to the lovely Ms.Dorothy Danridge.




You Go Natural Satin Lined Headband in Grey

Our hair natural hair is our crown and deserves to be protected at all times. You Go Natural Grey Satin Lined Headband is a perfect way to style your natural hair while still maintaining protection.






Effie's Paper Black Girl Magic Phone Grip

#BlackGirlMagic forever! As a movement and a mood, this phone grip is a perfect way to hold on to your phone while showing off your Black Girl Magic. You can use it as a stand to watch videos or a grip for selfies.


Honeybee Candle Co. Pineapple Sage Candle

Feeling a bit sassy but still sweet? This Pineapple Sage candle has a fresh cut pineapple scent followed by a heart of green leaves, anise, and palm for depth. This is a smart fit for any strong, goal-oriented woman who has perfected the art of leaving her mark—both earthy and sophisticated.