When The Season Changes, So Does Your Beauty Routine

Our Fly girl Summer has sadly come to a close. Just as we are trading our daisy dukes in for UGG boots, our beauty routines are also due for a tune-up! Skin needs and color trends change as the weather does. As the air gets drier for cold months, our skin may need a little more hydration, and when the leaves evolve into the marigolds and sapphires that embody Autumn, it is natural that we leave our natural bronze beats for bold browns and burgundies. This week, we get into our favorite ways to adapt our Beauty routines for the new season, and how Femailer can help! 

First things first, your skin needs you now more than ever. Depending on your skin type, the downward shift in temperatures can either soothe you or dry you out. Those with oily, acne-prone skin may enjoy the drier climate because it can help balance oil levels and control acne and oil production. For those with oily skin, I recommend sticking with a gentle, non-drying cleanser and laying off the mattifying moisturizers for the time being. 

If struggling with hyperpigmentation, you know we at Femailer love the Urban Skin RX, even tone cleansing bar. While this cleansing bar can gently lighten scars with ingredients such as witch hazel and Safflower oil, Niacinamide and Urea work to make sure skin is soothed, replenished retaining moisture. The last thing we want to do is over strip your skin of its necessary natural oils; drying out oily skin only leads to an overproduction of oil and an increased acne potential.
For dry skin, we highly recommend increasing moisture for the Fall. The humidity of the air and SPF are excellent moisturizers for the Summer, but unfortunately, they don’t cut it for the Fall. We recommend using a cleanser with ceramides and a moisturizer with Urea or Hylaraunic acid. All of these ingredients are essential for moisturizing as well as water retention. In the colder months, dry skin definitely needs a little more TLC. 

Another way we’re adapting to Autumn is by kissing our light bronze beats goodbye. Fall is all about the burnt oranges, deep reds, burgundies, and of course, the browns. One product we’re absolutely loving for our Fall beats is the Black Radiance Lid Glitz from the Summer Mailer! The Lid Glitz is a liquid shimmer formulated eye shadow. In the Summer Femailer, the Black Radiance Lid Glitz comes in the shade “Spotlight,” which is a warm, cranberry shade that is just perfect for all of the deep, dramatic looks that embody Fall makeup looks. 

Will Summer be missed? Absolutely. However, I think we all can agree that every season is a regiment of the last thanks to Quarantine. As we transition into Fall and our beauty routines change, one thing remains: safety must remain a priority. Fall means flu season, so we hope all of our #FemailerFam stays fly inside and cute for Zoom!