You will be charged at the time you become a member and on the 1st of the month that mailers are shipped in for each upcoming season. For example:

Spring mailers will be charged on March 1st
Summer mailers will be charged on June 1st
Fall mailers will be charged on September 1st
Winter mailers will be charged on December 1st

Customers will not be able to order their first order if its within 10 days (buffer days) of the 1st of the upcoming mailer month. This means if a customer places an order on February 19th, they will be billed on the 19th (initial order) and again on March 1st (regular billing date), and two orders will be generated. If a customer places an order on February 28th (within the buffer days), they will be billed on the 28th, but will not be billed again until June 1st (the following season).